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January 10- Visit to Kaiparamb farms

Kaiparamb  is a  village in the thrissur  district in state of Kerala. Being a part of seventh day, IARD 6020 team we visited to the Unni krishna farm he is undergoing organic  cultivation  of different horticultural crops like chili, okra, Egg plant, ash gourd, yard long bean and watermelon( summer).

Interaction with the farmer(unni krishna)

In case of horticultural crops he is mainly growing hybrid seeds which are resistant to pest and diseases developed by TNAU and in paddy the varities are uma and jyothi developed from KAU. Spraying jeevaamrutha and Neem seed kernel extract as a prophylactic spray. Wherein case of pest above ETL( economic threshold level ) going for chemical spray and harvesting the produce  20 days  after spraying and his produce is certified by undergoing pesticide residue analysis thus ensuring quality and supply throughout the year. His produce is being marketed to elite supermarket and fetching an extra profit for his produce.

cultivation of paddy in Low lands


After unni Krishna farm  we were visited to paddy farms grown in areas lying below mean sea level. In month of june the area is flooded due to heavy rain and at the end of august the farmers drains water to the channels which are again utilized for paddy cultivation.

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