Sunburn Management

In 2015, Peter Jentsch, David Rosenberger and Gemma Reig had started a trial to evaluate the efficiency of products registered for sunburn control for the first time under Hudson Valley conditions. Products of interest in the first year were: Raynox, ScreenDuo, and Deco 405 and their efficiency to reduce sunburn incidence on Honeycrisp and Cameo apple varieties under irrigation and non-irrigation conditions were tested against UTC.

Based on the results obtained in 2015 season by Reig et al. (2016) on appropriate strategies (spray particle films and sunscreen products) and timings of the treatments used (late in the season), enough information has been obtained to test additional strategies currently used in other parts of the world, such as evaporative cooling (EC) and netting, together with the application of particle films and sunscreen products and to test alternative timings, such as season long, to reduce sunburn injury on Honeycrisp in the Hudson Valley region. Data obtained in 2016 has shown that among all treatments, netting provided the most superior control of sunburn, while ScreenDuo had promising result in sunburn prevention.

In the season of 2017, new products such as Purshade and Surround were added to the trial and their effectiveness were compared with Screen Duo and UTC.






ScreenDuo 1


You can find out more about these trials here:

Effects of Sunburn Treatments on Honeycrisp in the Hudson Valley in 2015

Sunburn management on ‘Honeycrisp’ in the Hudson Valley in 2016



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