Red Delicious Planting System and Rootstock Trial

The Chiaro’s Yonder Red Delicious trial was established near Hudson, NY, in 2007 in response to the continuing need to produce more local Red Delicious apples more profitably. Since Red Delicious is a slow growing and low yielding variety it might benefit from higher planting densities and the use of very precocious rootstocks. However, lower returns for this variety may make this difficult.  This trial was established to try innovative planting systems and some of the new rootstocks to find the best combination for profitability with this variety. Red Delicious clone, Super Chief was used in the trial and trained to Tall Spindle (TS), Super Spindle (SS), Vertical Axis (VA) and Triple Axis (TSS) systems, all propagated on important 6 Geneva rootstocks (G.11, G.16, G.30, G.41, G.210 and G.935) and compared to standards such as B.118, M.9, M.26 and M.7.

Seasonal data collection included the measurements of winter pruning time, yield per tree, number of fruits per tree, vegetative growth or tree spread, and trunk circumference. Sample of 40 fruits per rep were taken at harvest for additional fruit quality analysis.

Red Delicious 2017 Harvest in Chiaro Yonder Farm, Hudson NY

2017 is the final year for data collection of apple planting system trial conducted on Red Delicious in Chiaro’s Yonder Fruit Farm.

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