Clonal and Rootstock Trials

To develop regional branding for The Hudson Valley grape industry, the selection of a single varietal wine was agreed upon in the spring of 2016 by the Hudson Valley Wine and Grape Association and the Hudson Valley Wine Coalition, choosing Cabernet Franc as their signature variety. The association, Cornell University faculty in partnership with the HVRL has proposed the development of a research vineyard comprised of compatible rootstock varieties, grafted to desirable clones of Cabernet Franc to define and solve specific production issues of this variety in the region. Establishing and employing a dedicated vineyard at the HVRL, the team will elicit characteristics of unique clone of Cabernet Franc on rootstocks while augmenting cultural practices of vine management to develop juice attributes producing the most desirable traits for this regional selection of grape.

The objective of the project is to define and develop a baseline of scientific assessments of the most productive and robust Cabernet Franc clones using rootstock that promote early fruit development, deep color and appealing flavor complex that can be successfully grown by many producers in diverse vineyard sites of the region.

The experimental vineyard will include Cabernet Franc clone 1, FPS11, FPS13.1  and INRA623 grafted to 3309C, 101-14, and Riparia Gloire. The custom grafted vines were ordered in spring 2017 from “Double A Vineyards”, Fredonia  and Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyard, Dundee NY. The plants were expected to be shipped in late April 2018, afterwards the planting will fallow.




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