The work conducted in apple research furthered the understanding of precision thinning techniques, utilizing winter pruning to reduce fruiting bud development, predictive modeling of carbohydrate production to determine levels of tree stress in high density planting systems in grower orchards and at the HVRL.

Precision Management in Minard Orchard (cultivar Gala), Clintondale NY

Snap Dragon, Ruby Frost, and Honey Crisp are the three new varieties, highly valuable on the market and encompassed by the research, in which the effects of chemical and hand thinning on yield and fruit quality have been evaluated.









The aim of the research is to provide informational summaries and assist growers in making long-term economic decisions. Information and research produced within the horticultural section of HVRL has been disseminated in articles through Fruit Quarterly and CCE newsletters to tree fruit growers across the state.


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