2010 Apple Rootstock Trial NC-140

This year was the eighth season of the NC-140 Apple Rootstock Trial. The trial includes sites established with two variety: Honeycrisp (replicated in 12 States) and Aztec Fuji (replicated in 7 Sates). The part of the trial located at the Hudson Valley Lab encompasses five complete rows (0.5 acre) of Aztec Fuji with as many as 3 trees per rep (4 rep in total) and per rootstock (27 rootstocks in total). The goal of the trial is to evaluate the adaptability and performance of new and promising apple rootstocks in the dwarfing size-control category. The trial includes testing of 8 new Budagovsky rootstocks (Russia), 3 new Pilnitz stocks (Germany) and 12 Geneva rootstocks and compares them to standards such as B.9, M.9 Pajam2, M.9 NAKBT337 and M.26 EMLA.

The NC-140 Apple Rootstock Trial: 2017 late season measurement of the tree size

As in previous years, we observed yield, tree size, canopy spread, trunk size, root suckers’ development, and general health status of the trees.

Related annual reports and publications to this research could be accessed here.

Horticultural performance of Geneva® rootstocks grafted with “Fuji” in the Hudson Valley, NY


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