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“I was motivated to participate in the program to learn more about local watersheds and how to protect them, and as a way to assist in their protection.  The primary things I learned related to my project (stream restoration techniques) and to “fracking” (online elective). These were the areas that I previously knew the least about, and which interested me the most.

I valued and liked best the opportunity to attend the first in-person session, which was extremely interesting and informative, and hearing about others’ projects at the final session.  I’d recommend the program to others, with the caution that the emphasis on “process” (eg focus on things like “leadership” and “stakeholder engagement”) may not be for everyone.  People thinking of participating in the program should know that the educators are very helpful and enthusiastic, and that the projects can be very rewarding.  They also should know that they will get to meet some very knowledgeable and committed individuals.”
Class of 2013


“The program helped me focus on a sub-project in order to build on that success and, in my case, do outreach which will increase my success rate in bringing in diverse stakeholders when the time comes to form the Swamp River Watershed Association.

You provided a comprehensive overview of all aspects of Watershed Stewardship. Whether your focus is science, Ag, water protection, stormwater management, intermunicipal cooperation, and recreation – it’s all here. Knowing a little about all of the components better prepares you to interact with experts in those fields, and communicate with all stakeholders.  From there, if you decide to study in depth a particular aspect of Watershed Stewardship, you’ll have the tools to begin.”
Class of 2013


“I reside in and help manage through a local non-profit organization – a small watershed.  I wanted to gain expertise and learn more about larger watershed systems and developing grassroots leadership skills for attaining intergovernmental cooperation on a watershed level.  [I learned]   several good points about watershed management – particularly the importance of stakeholder involvement – and putting together a team of people with different leadership skills.  [I liked] the introduction to the wealth of resources available through the program.

[I] met some great people from other counties who had both different and the same problems (i.e. watershed Management, organizing watershed groups, etc.), and had a great opportunity to talk to them at meetings and online.  [It was a] great learning experience, and I was introduced to a lot of information and contacts statewide from the great demonstration of the Omega Institute’s technology, to the materials via CCE, to the contacts made. 

I would recommend the program [for the] great concentrated learning experience, leadership skills, the people, [including the] resources from CCE… great resources!”
Class of 2013

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