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Watershed stewardship is about caring for the waters of New York and working to protect, restore, and enhance watersheds.  The NY Master Watershed Steward (MWS) Program is an educational program developed by Cornell University and Cornell Cooperative Extension that empowers watershed professionals and volunteers to be leaders in their communities and to promote healthy watersheds through increased awareness, understanding, and knowledge about the function of watersheds, potential impairments, and watershed protection strategies.  “New York Master Watershed Stewards” are equipped with an arsenal of knowledge and practical skills through a staff of experts, in order to help reduce the negative impacts of land-use practices and pollutants, while effectively planning for the future of New York State’s watersheds.The purpose of the MWS program is to provide volunteers with opportunities to garner applicable skills and knowledge to support watershed management in their communities through the challenging process of developing and implementing a watershed plan.  The program isdesigned so that stewards participate in a series of training workshops, preparing them for an applied watershed-based apprenticeship project which pertains to their area of interest. This series includes lectures and workshops from expert scientists, covering pertinent topics, such as: watershed planning, floodplain management, best management practices to address watershed problems and much more.The Empire State needs local specialists like you to help put watershed stewardship into action at the community level.  Thus, we encourage all interested and committed New York citizens to apply.  NO previous environmental experience is required or necessary for participation in this program.

Check out our syllabus.

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