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Bassuk-Trowbridge garden in ‘Taking Root’

Old barn foundation at the Bassuk-Trowbridge garden.

Old barn foundation at the Bassuk-Trowbridge garden.

If you’ve ever visited Nina Bassuk and Peter Trowbridge‘s garden during their annual Daffodil Day open house and wondered what went into its design and construction, don’t miss Behind the Scenes in the Bassuk-Trowbridge Landscape in Taking Root, the newsletter and blog of the New York State Urban Forestry Council.

“What I love about the gardens is that there’s a powerful overall scheme integrated with small gardens that surprise and delight,” says landscape architect Dan Krall, a colleague of Peter’s at Cornell and a close family friend. “There are wonderful elements of contrast. As you move farther away from the house, things get a little wilder. You start with gardens that are highly maintained, and you are led to a meadow that feels like a big open English park.”

The article also details Nina and Peter’s bulb-planting practices, focus on foliage, and — of course — matching plants to challenging soil and environmental conditions.

Read the whole article.

In other recent posts, Nina discusses the early history of the New York State Urban Forestry Council and extolled the virtues of ‘White Shield’ Osage orange (Maclura pomifera).

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