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Last day of classes

As the semester winds down, many HORT classes have been engaged in special activities, including …

Urban Eden students at 'Rice Bowl' site

Students from Creating the Urban Eden: Woody Plant Selection, Design, and Landscape Establishment (HORT/LA 4910/4920)  pose after winding up planting and mulching water retention swales east of Rice Hall. Dubbed the “Rice Bowls,” the structures are designed to reduce runoff and increase infiltration of water from adjacent parking lots. Students selected species that can tolerate periodic flooding, such as Shining Sumac, Bayberry, Blackhaw, Spirea, Sea Buckthorn and Willow. Cornell has been recognized as a Tree Campus USA by the Arbor Day Foundation every year since 2009. Requirements for recognition include effectively managing campus trees in coordination with the surrounding community, engaging students in service-learning forestry projects, and providing outreach on the value of trees and urban forests through programs such as Arbor Day celebrations.


Students in the new course, Intensive Study in Botanical Illustration (HORT 3250) — taught via 3 robust auto-tutorial online courses developed by Marcia Eames-Sheavly showed their works at a May 6 reception. This course is only available for students enrolled in the Minor in Horticulture with a Focus in the Botanical Arts.

HORT 2150 poster session

Students in the new course, Coffee, Cloves and Chocolate: Plant Explorers and Thieves (HORT 2150) present posters on the history and biology of important culinary, medicinal, industrial, and ornamental crops.

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