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Seminar video: Farming and Nature

If you missed Monday’s seminar with Dr. Conrad Vispo, Hawthorne Valley Farmscape Ecology Program, on Farming and Nature: Looking at It from Both Sides, it’s available online.

RubyFrost™ debuts at Cornell Orchards

RubyFrost™ apples

RubyFrost™ apples

Starting November 1 (while supplies last), customers at Cornell Orchards‘ retail store will be able to buy RubyFrost™ apples, one of a pair of much-anticipated new varieties from the Cornell breeding program. (The second, SnapDragon™, was available early last month.)

RubyFrost™  is the offspring of Braeburn and Autumn Crisp.  The fruit has good sugar levels and moderate acid that provide a balance of sweet and tart, and is a good source of vitamin C. They are ideal for both fresh eating and baking, and have excellent storage and shelf life.

RubyFrost™ can be grown only by members of the New York Apple Growers (NYAG), LLC, through an exclusive licensing agreement with Cornell. Members pay acreage fees and royalties on trees purchased and fruit produced, which are used to support marketing and apple breeding. For more information, contact: Robin Leous, NYAG Business Manager, at or (585) 478-4288.

Read more about RubyFrost.

For retail store hours and directions, visit the Cornell Orchards webpage.

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