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Poor children’s higher weights linked to less access to yards, parks [Cornell Chronicle 2/20/2013] – Low-income children may be overweight in part because they have less access to open green space where they can play and exercise, reports a Cornell study of obesity in Europe. “It is important to take an ecological perspective in thinking about the challenge of childhood obesity. The environment, personality, culture, stress, family history and economics likely all play an important role,” said lead author Gary Evans, the Elizabeth Lee Vincent Professor of Human Ecology in the Departments of Design and Environmental Analysis and of Human Development in Cornell’s College of Human Ecology.

Endowed NYSAES directorship paves way for agricultural innovation [Cornell Chronicle 2/13/2013] – In 2009, Businessman Larry Goichman ’66 and his wife, Jennifer, endowed the first professorship of enology and viticulture at the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station (NYSAES) in Geneva. Now the Goichmans have increased their commitment to the endowment and the Geneva station, enabling a Goichman Family Directorship of the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station.

Imaging Facility adds two tools for microscopy [Cornell Chronicle 2/13/2013] – Cornell’s Imaging Facility, located in Weill Hall and in the College of Veterinary Medicine, has added a spinning disk confocal microscope that enables users to image and manipulate fluorescent specimens rapidly, and an instrument for laser capture microdissection, which allows researchers to isolate specific cells or tissues from a sample by slicing out particular regions with a laser.

More than maple: tapping the potential of walnut and birch [Cornell Chronicle 2/12/2013] – Thanks in part to the efforts of the Cornell Maple Program, maple producers are exploring the untapped potential of walnut and birch trees, which produce sap can be boiled down into syrup.

Nature lovers invited to train as natural area mentors [Cornell Chronicle 2/12/2013] – Love spending time in the natural areas of the Finger Lakes region? Care about preserving the integrity of the natural world? Consider joining Cornell Plantations’ Natural Areas Academy (NAA). The year-long academy features dozens of expert-led workshops, field trips and directed stewardship opportunities designed to provide participants with the knowledge, tools and skills needed to support efforts in preserving natural resources.

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