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Cold weather threatens fruit crops for NY growers, Cornell Orchards

Terence RobinsonAfter warm weather in mid-March hastened bud development, multiple cold-weather events have damaged fruit crops — some more than others, according to an article in the Ithaca Journal. (Frozen fruit? Up-and-down weather throws off Upstate N.Y.’s fruit trees, Ithaca Journal, 4/24/2012.)

“The situation is very serious and it depends on what crop mix a grower has,” said Terence Robinson (right), professor in the Department of Horticulture at Cornell University. “If it is almost all apples, the damage is something where you can still produce a commercial crop and it might be down 20 to 40 percent. But if you have a lot of other species, like cherries, peaches and apricots, the damage might be a lot more.”

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In a related Ithaca Journal video, Cornell Orchards manager Eric Shatt explains how cold weather damages apple flowers.

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