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Hands-On Horticulture class lives up to its name

Students in Hands-On Horticulture for Gardeners (HORT 1102) have helped the class live up to its name in recent weeks, whether creating floral arrangements …

floral arrangements

… pruning shrubs and cleaning up around Bailey Plaza …

pruning shrubs on Bailey Plaza

… or taking a trip to Cornell orchards to learn how to prune apple trees.

apple pruning lesson

Fine weather to put the apple pruning lesson into practice.

pruning apples

Though the weather did take a turn while pruning grapes …

snow squall while grape pruning

Time for a quick warm up while learning about apple sorting …

apple sorting

… and storage at the Cornell Orchards farm store.

storage room

More about the class:

The objective is to instill in students a lifelong appreciation for how gardening can enhance individual well-being through aesthetics, culinary experiences, and mastery of techniques. Emphasizes hands-on learning and practice of key gardening skills and techniques in the greenhouse and the field, such as landscape management, garden design, propagation, pruning, grafting, pest management, and flower arrangement. There is one Saturday field trip at the end of the semester to visit gardens in the local area. (Spring. 2 credits. Not for seniors or plant sciences majors.)

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