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Container design competition results

Kathy PufahlThe seventh annual Kathy Pufahl Memorial Container Design Competition was held July 20, 2010 at Cornell’s Bluegrass Lane Horticultural Research Facility, Ithaca, NY. Kathy (right), who founded Beds and Borders, Inc., Laurel, N.Y., was a staple on the horticultural educational seminar circuit, spreading her container ideas far and wide. It is her vision that changed the way the horticulture industry looks at the spring container business. Her influence brought back a bit of the art and beauty to the business.

View the winners and other entries at the Cornell Greenhouse Horticulture website.

After a full slate of presentations on campus in the morning, participants relocated to Bluegrass Lane for lunch and afternoon programs including perennial plant ‘walkabouts’ featuring University of Georgia expert and author Allan Armitage (below).

Allan Armitage leads perennial plant walkabout.

Allan Armitage leads perennial plant walkabout.

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