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Online berry resources revamped

New berry portal of the Cornell Fruit website.

New berry portal of the Cornell Fruit website.

The berry portal of the Cornell Fruit website and the online Berry Diagnostic Tool have been redesigned, revamped and relaunched.

Improvements in the berry portal include a redesigned homepage, easier access to featured resources, an updated 2010 berry label alert page, and direct links to berry-related articles from the NY Fruit Quarterly.

The Berry Diagnostic Tool, was originally designed in 2001 by Dr. Marvin Pritts as an online compliment to NRAES’ berry production guides. Users click through a series of questions to diagnose common berry problems. The 2010 version, extensively revised and expanded by Dr. Pritts and Extension Berry Specialist Cathy Heidenreich, now provides more on biotic and abiotic diseases, insects and mites, and wildlife damage.

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