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Nov. 2: Network with new Plant Science students

From Neil Mattson:

As part of the Career Explorations class for new Plant Sciences undergrads, a networking event will be held on November 2nd. This will be an exciting fast-paced occasion for new students to meet and greet Plant Sciences faculty, staff, and grad students.

The event will take place during the weekly Department of Horticulture seminar time slot on Monday November 2nd, 2009 at 4 PM in Plant Sciences Building, Room 404.

Networking will be organized “speed dating” style – in which individuals will be paired for a brief conversation; after two minutes a bell will ring and your conversation will switch to the next person down the line. By the end of the event you will have met every new Plant Sciences student!

Refreshments will be provided to keep energy levels high. New plant sciences grad students are also especially encouraged to attend as well ­ what a great way to meet faculty and students in your new plant sciences home. We are hoping that several faculty from each department will be there ­

Let’s show the Career Explorations students the diversity and depth that our departments have to offer!

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