The 2019 Historical Notation Bootcamp will be held the week of August 5–9 at Cornell University’s Department of Music and Carl A. Kroch Library, with the generous support of Yale University and Cornell University. The four-and-a-half-day seminar offers a practical and theoretical overview of medieval musical notations, from neumes to early print sources. Participants will acquire the basic skills needed to work with historical musical sources, make sense of source-based analyses, and sing from original notation.

The event is aimed are graduate students in all fields of study, as well as undergraduates headed into graduate studies. Faculty and post-doctoral scholars are also welcome to apply. No previous knowledge of historical notation will be assumed, but experience with modern music notation is expected. The seminar is free of charge (including materials) and past participants have often been successful in securing funding from their home institutions to cover lodging and/or travel.