Belated 中秋节快乐!Happy Belated Mid-Autumn Festival!

I had the opportunity to attend the Mid-Autumn Festival Carnival in Victoria Park on Wednesday night and bought a box of snowy moon cakes to try in the spirit of festivities. I’ve only had traditional moon cakes gifted to my family by the supermarket my grandpa used to work at and by friends before, so this was a completely new experience for me! I’m so used to eating the savory moon cakes, it was delightful to try some sweet ones. They are so interesting because they need to be kept in the freezer… it’s kind of like mochi ice cream!

The box of snowy moon cakes I bought from a stand in the Sheung Tak Mall across from my hall. Delicious!

I also had a lot of fun at the carnival and even got to see the Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance (大坑火龙舞).

I had always celebrated this holiday back home in the States so it wasn’t new to me, but because it isn’t a national public holiday at home, we never had a huge celebration like this. I would usually share a few moon cakes with my family, maybe light some lanterns in my front yard, and eat good food cooked by my grandma with my family. Nowadays, we don’t even really light lanterns anymore or have gatherings to celebrate.

That’s why it was so surreal to attend a carnival for Mid-Autumn Festival and celebrate the occassion with a whole nation. It was strangely nostalgic and made Hong Kong feel a little bit more like home.