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Organic Vit. in NY

Organic Viticulture in New York: Proceedings from the Third N. J. Shaulis Organic Grape and Wine Production Symposium

From 1990 to 1995 a multidisciplinary group of Cornell faculty, grape growers and members of the organic farming community carried on a joint study to explore the feasibility of organic grape production in New York. This project was funded by the federal Sustainable Agriculture Research and Extension program (SARE).

To ensure that the findings would be available to interested parties, a seminar was held at the end of the project. In addition to presenting data from the NY study, presentations were made by invited speakers from around the world. These presentations were published as a NYSAES Special Report and are presented here in pdf format.

Table of Contents

Sponsor Statements (1004 kb)

Why Grow Organically? (997 kb)

The SARE – Cornell Organic Grape Project (1022 kb)

Managing Soil Fertility with Organic Amendments (999 kb)

Managing Animal Manures (1028 kb)

Legumes and our Limited Experience in Eastern Viticulture (2826 kb)

Vine Nutrition: SARE Project Results (1005 kb)

Controlling Fungal Diseases of Grapevine Under Organic Management Practices (1580 kb)

Management of Insect Pests in Organic Vineyards (1493 kb)

Weed Management (1019 kb)

Organic Grape Growing in Japan: Growing Top Quality Table Grapes Without Any Chemical (998 kb)

One Grower’s Experience with Organic Viticulture in the Finger Lakes (993 kb)

Use of Term “Organic” on Wine Lables (995 kb)

What Do We Mean by Organic Wine? (999 kb)

Sulfite Production in Wine Fermentations:How Much Sulfite is Produced by Yeasts in Grape Must With No Added Sulfites? (995 kb)

Grower Experience in Germany (1018 kb)

The Economics of Growing Grapes Organically (1015 kb)

Marketing Organic Wines in New York (1000 kb)

Summary of Effects of Organic and Conventional Grape Production Practices on Juice and Wine Composition (1031 kb)

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