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Having grown up surviving negative windchills and snowbanks taller than myself in New England, I naturally decided to move farther north to the frozen Ithacan landscape and attend Cornell. Makes perfect sense, I know.

I am in my third year at Cornell’s College of Engineering and am officially affiliated with Chemical Engineering.

When I’m not in class, diligently doing all my homework early, or reading textbooks for fun, I can often be found hiking across campus to various activities, including:

Rock climbing – I started last year when I took climbing as my spring PE class.  It was fantastic, and we didn’t even have to leave campus because Cornell has its very own climbing wall.

Asian American InterVarsity (AAIV) – AAIV is one of the Christian groups on campus.  We have large group meetings where we hear from students and speakers about how their faith has affected their lives, small groups where we study the Bible, and sometimes we just hang out together for fun.

Cornell Productions – Is the student-run company that I work for.  We set up sound (and sometimes lighting) for events around campus.

Pep band – Find the pep band (I’m part of the clarinet section) at almost any sporting event except football and sports that don’t have timeouts.  Such as soccer, which I have to listen to on radio because it’s only shown on channels like ESPN VII and Fox Afternoon Soccer, which you only get when you subscribe to Super Premium Ultra-Satellite Cable.  My favorite team is the New England Revolution.

One final comment: I’m left handed, my favorite food is peanut butter, and I don’t like celery.

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