I write all of my blog posts in Microsoft Word before uploading them.  They’re organized by month, and when I opened the document for this December, it was blank.  So it’s been awhile . . . Here’s what I’ve been up to.

31 Things I Did In December

1. Saw (finally) the women’s hockey team play

2. Got a piece workshopped in creative writing

3. Ate applesauce

4. Had (not) fun with fugacity

5. Sorted the shared lab drawers for lab checkout (it took hours, and meanwhile, another lab got the task of cleaning the windows)

6. Checked out the COE gear sale

7. Finished Dune

8. Listened to overtime of MLS Cup and heard the New England Revolution lose to the LA Galaxy for a record sixth loss in the finals

9. Studied for four finals to be taken in a span of eight days

10. Took a study break to get hot apple cider (I like it better cold, but I wouldn’t say no to hot apple cider if offered) and donuts in the common room

11. Went bouldering

12. Studied for orgo in crayon

13. Went ice skating (with the band and hockey teams) for the first time

14. Had the fire alarm go off in two separate buildings on two consecutive days

15. Took my fifth exam of the semester in Olin

16. Got banished to the balcony for my last final of the semester (where we couldn’t see or hear the professor)

17. Celebrated the end of finals with (nonalcoholic) drinks and The Sing-Off in Noyes

18. Did laundry the morning of the day I left Cornell for winter break

19. Rode the bus for seven hours and got caught in traffic in upstate New York (there is no traffic in upstate New York) on the way home

20. Watched Jeopardy! (my favorite TV show)

21. Went to a white elephant gift swap

22. Made a Yoda snowflake

23. Watched cooking shows on TV

24. Went to the Christmas Eve service at my church

25. Saw The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies in the theater

26. Baked cookies

27. Chopped vegetables

28. Had people over for Christmas lunch

29. Played ping pong

30. Read as many books in two weeks as in the entire semester

31. Wrote this post