There’s No Place Like Home

After having four finals in four days, I had most of two days to do nothing pack and then I headed home for the first part of my summer, where, according to the forecast, it will rain during four of the next seven days.  On the bright side, the forecast looks even worse for Ithaca.  [Sorry to anyone reading this from Ithaca.]

As is fairly standard for me, I have unpacked only what is absolutely necessary: my phone and my laptop.  And some smaller things like clothing and toothpaste.  It’s nice to be home, even if there is only non-dairy milk in the fridge.

It doesn’t feel like I’m done with my second year of college, especially since some of my friends are still in Ithaca taking finals, but I’ve certainly learned a few things over the past year.  For one, no matter how early you start your problem sets, you’ll still be working on them at 2 am on Friday morning.  You can even start over the weekend; those “few questions” you have to get answered at office hours on Thursday night will still take three or four hours.  And then you’ll have to go to office hours for another class after that.

For another, the weather will be nice as long as you have something to do that will keep you indoors all day.  Case in point: finals week.  All week long as I’m frantically cramming equations into my brain reviewing for finals, it’s sunny with temperatures in the seventies and eighties.  On Friday after I’m done with finals, it pours and the temperature drops thirty degrees.  Naturally, I have to run around campus filling out paperwork.

In addition, I guess I probably also learned a lot about physical chemistry, biomolecular engineering, fluid mechanics, and introductory macroeconomics.  But for the next few weeks, I will be enjoying my time at home doing such fun activities as Going To The Dentist.  Then I will be heading back to Ithaca to work on a project.  I’ll also be going back in time and writing more about spring semester later.  Get excited to hear about more fun activities like Office Hours, Walking to Class in the Snow, and Studying Until Your Brain Falls Out Your Ears*.

*Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and this may not really have happened