Two Truths and a Lie

Out of all the icebreakers I’ve had to endure, Two Truths and a Lie is one of the ones that I dislike least.  To play, you come up with three things about yourself, two of which are true and one of which is a lie.  The goal is for everyone else to figure out which of your three things is a lie.  I know most of my readers don’t know me personally, but I thought for fun I’d post some sets of Two Truths and a Lie and see if people can guess the lies based on what they think of me from reading my blog.  Not that the answers are directly on the blog, but if you know that I’m a chemical engineer and one of my things is “Math is my least favorite subject,” that’s probably a lie . . . or is it?

While you’re thinking about that one, here are some sets of Two Truths and a Lie.  They’re (somewhat) themed to make things (a little) less random.  Enjoy!


1a) I have been playing the clarinet for more than half my life.

1b) I never learned to play all twelve major scales on the clarinet.

1c) I have been the only clarinetist at a pep band event before.


2a) Although I’ve gone to over 30 hockey games in Lynah Rink with the pep band, I have not gone ice skating at Lynah.

2b) I have never pulled an all nighter (to do homework or for fun).

2c) I have never been to the top of the clock tower to see a chimes concert.


3a) The hardest class of my first semester at Cornell was Honors General Chemistry.

3b) I have the first 43 elements of the periodic table memorized.

3c) When I came to Cornell I was deciding between majoring in chemical engineering or mechanical engineering.


4a) When I took Basic Rock Climbing last spring, it was the first time I’d been rock climbing.

4b) I joined Asian American InterVarsity because they were the only Christian fellowship to give me a quartercard.

4c) I played coed intramural soccer last fall and my team made the playoffs.


5a) I have been known to wear shorts with a long sleeved shirt and two jackets.

5b) At dinner today, I ate cookies and cream ice cream with curly fries.

5c) Umbrellas are my favorite accessory and I always carry one in my backpack in case it rains.


Leave your best guesses in the comments and I’ll reveal the answers in a few days.

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