Thanksgiving break (part 1)

Although I don’t live too far from campus (when you’re in the middle of nowhere Ithaca “not too far” becomes relative and encompasses anywhere up to an eight hour driving radius) I ended up spending Thanksgiving break at Cornell.  The dining halls closed after lunch on Wednesday, meaning that I was responsible for feeding myself for 12 straight meals.  Fortunately, four of those meals were breakfast, which consists of milk and cereal if I’m not in the dining hall, milk and oatmeal if I am.  Just for the record, that’s a cup of milk followed by dry cereal,  not cereal and milk in a bowl together.

The dining hall will be open again tonight so I seem to have survived an entire long weekend without the dining halls.  There were a lot of sandwiches but also some pasta, eggs, and even vegetables.  Food aside, campus was strangely quiet . . . and cold.  Very cold, though still not as bad as last year when we got back from winter break and the temperature stayed in the single digits for two straight weeks.

On Thanksgiving itself (Thursday) I spent most of the day in the dorm and in the afternoon I did physical chemistry homework with a friend.  Yes, homework on Thanksgiving.  But we have a prelim next week and a project on top of all the other usual problem sets, so I’d rather have done work on Thanksgiving than be working at 2 in the morning on the Friday that the problem set is due.  Though there’s some kind of rule that no matter how long you’ve worked on the p-chem problem set before Thursday, you’ll still have at least six hours of work to do Thursday night/Friday morning so I’ll probably be up anyway.

For dinner one of my other friends who stayed in Ithaca for Thanksgiving was kind enough to invite me over (and let me bring friends).  We had a more traditional “American” Thanksgiving dinner including turkey, mashed potatoes, and green beans, then played mafia and Bananagrams.  It was a lot of fun and probably beats overcooked broccoli and raw carrots, which is what I would have had in my dorm.

On Friday I ended up taking a walk to North Campus to get out of my room and see the waterfall.  It hasn’t been below freezing consistently enough for the lake and waterfall to freeze yet but icicles have started forming and the spray from the dam freezes on the trees next to it.

The waterfall.  If it stays cold enough the icicles can grow to reach the bottom of the gorge.

Frozen trees

Then Saturday I took a trip with the pep band to Madison Square Garden for Red Hot Hockey against BU.  That’s a story in and of itself.