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The collection of high-quality phenotypic data remains a bottleneck for progress in plant breeding, including the application of improved genomic tools. The phenoApps project seeks to increase the overall efficiency of cassava and wheat breeding programs through user-friendly mobile applications that integrate and improve upon existing image processing, modeling, and data collection programs.

The Gore lab leads the cassava side of the phenoApps effort in collaboration with cassava breeders throughout East and West Africa, linking breeders and programmers to develop effective phenotyping tools for this important starchy staple crop. Over the course of the project, we will host training workshops and facilitate dialogue between users and developers as well as contribute to the development and validation of new app features.

Through rapid and widespread deployment of mobile apps through existing breeder networks, the phenoApps project will equip breeders with the tools they need to analyze complex traits, ultimately resulting in genetic gain that will positively impact the nutritional and economic well-being of smallholder farmers and their families in developing countries.

Funding: NSF BREAD IOS-1543958.