2019 Conference Handouts

Cashmere Goat Association and Cornell Sheep & Goat Program
Saturday 9 November – Sunday 10 November

Speaker Biosketches/contact info
Saturday morning presentations

Saturday afternoon – hands-on practicals – click on topics

Sunday morning presentations

  • Basic genetics of cashmere production – Dr. Terry Gipson
    Overview      Presentation
  • Fiber color genetics in goats & sheep – Dr. Phil Sponenberg
    Overview      Sheep Presentation     Goat Presentation
  • Effect of nutrition on fiber & follicle development in goats/sheep – Dr. Steve Hart
  • Fiber processing & marketing streams for different sized farms – Mary Jeanne Packer
    Presentation     After shearing- now what? video

Sunday afternoon – fiber labs and presentations

  • Evaluating cashmere fiber – Peter Goth & Wendy Pieh
    North America Cashmere Goat grading system
    Fiber sorting & grading 101 – Wini Labrecque
    Overview      Video walkthru of different fleeces     Video of workshop
  • Growing a decentralized textile economy in the Northeast US – Laura Sansone
    Presentation      NYS Regional Yarn Sourcebook Farm Membership Package
  • An EU Wild Friend Predator Program for Small Ruminants – Dr. Nora Desmond DVM
    Presentation w/videos and translated wolf slides – to view videos, download the presentation rather than just viewing it and open it in adobe. Start scrolling through the pages. As you get to each video in the downloaded presentation click on its play button,
    PDGFA in cashmere goats: a motivation for the hair follicle stem cells to activate
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