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Social Media Resources

We need your help to make sure that people all over the world know about Cornell Giving Day. When marketing begins – post the website url on Facebook and Twitter. Upload a #CornellGivingDay photo to Instagram, and don’t forget to tell all your Cornell friends that on March 12, 2020 their gift will help Cornell make a difference in the world.

Social media basics

Hashtag: #CornellGivingDay
Facebook: Cornell Alumni Association
Twitter: @cornellalumni
Instagram: @cornellalumni

Resources for posting on social media

Download graphics, animated GIFs, and the Giving Day video from Box.

Crossposting between Facebook pages is a way to share videos across multiple pages without negatively affecting Facebook’s algorithm for your post. Connect your college or unit’s Facebook page to the Cornell Alumni Association page using these few, quick steps.

Once you have established a crossposting relationship with other pages, you need to grant them permission to crosspost on each video that you upload. Facebook provides instructions on how to do that halfway down this page.

About Cornell Social

Help us build our team of social media ambassadors on Cornell Social. This volunteer group helps share Cornell content online in a coordinated way. When we have a post to share, Cornell Social volunteers receive an email update. This email shows what the post will look like on the social networks they have connected to the platform. It’s quick and easy to share posts. The platform is simple and effective. When we do this we expand the message footprint and amplify key pieces of content. We have over 600 volunteers with a total reach of almost 750,000 people.

Signing up is easy at

How are we using Cornell Social for Giving Day?
We use Cornell Social to promote broad-based Giving Day messages. We don’t promote content tailored to specific colleges or units. But, colleges and units do enjoy extra traffic that the ambassadors drive to Giving Day as a whole.

We expect to ask social media ambassadors to share three or four times between February 27 and March 12. On Giving Day itself, we’ll be asking the ambassadors to share messages many times.

After Giving Day is over, we’ll shift back to a once-a-week approach. The focus will change to other priorities and initiatives, like Reunion and Homecoming.

Help recruit social media ambassadors
A social media ambassador is a legitimate volunteer role. It is made possible by the increasing amount of time that people are spending on social media. We’ve always asked Cornellians for time, talent, and treasure. In a connected world, we can now ask them to use their networks on behalf of Cornell. Read the job description for a Social Media Ambassador on CUVolunteer.

How can my college or unit get involved?
Social media managers can connect college or unit accounts with Cornell Social. We actively recruit class and club volunteers, and affinity program officers. We also recruit in existing Cornell alumni social communities.

Do you have social media power users among your audience or advisory groups? Ask them to join Cornell Social and become a social media ambassador for Giving Day. We can handle up to 1,000 volunteers this year.

We’re looking for people who meet all these criteria:

  • Are active social media users
  • Have large networks
  • Are comfortable sharing content on behalf of Cornell

We’re not asking you to extend this invitation to your entire list of alumni or to persuade people who aren’t comfortable with social media to open accounts and join in. We’re looking for people who are good volunteers and who spend a lot of time online.

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