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EMT Resouces

Below are resources and checklists for members of the Email Marketing Team responsible for creating emails for Giving Day 2020.


The checklist google doc has been created for you to keep track of the necessary checkpoints to follow when creating Giving Day emails. (Each EMT member has there own tab)  Please document the creation of each email and put a check in each box that has been completed. Feel free to add important columns for your own tracking purposes if needed. Below is a list of MUST HAVE items when creating your Giving Day emails:

☐ Create a template and get approval from your College/Unit before you build all of your emails

☐ Use email name creator function in UTM builder tool

☐ Use AAD Giving Day Sender Identity and change “from” name as directed by your College/Unit

☐ All banners, photos, buttons must link to a giving day landing page

☐ All images must have ALT text

☐ Use Giving Day 2020 email category/preference

☐ Confirm the requested email send time matches the send time arc document

☐ Confirm that your college/unit is sending an email to their VIP1 list on 3/3. If not, contact Deb

☐ Use VIP1 list from iModules query (training coming in next meeting)

☐ Attach Tarzian and Ford CSV file to every scheduled email

☐ Confirm all lists have suppressed VIPs and multi-gives before sending

☐ Send previews to college/unit staff and get final approvals before sending previews to the next step

☐ Complete all of your emails by February 21 and send 1 preview of each email no later than February 21st to 

☐ Schedule your email for the proper date and time, however, DO NOT RELEASE UNTIL FEBRUARY 27.

Things to remember

  • Reply email address must be:
  • All links must be UTM links
  • Share button and share text must be present at the bottom of the email
  • There should be no links in emails to any page besides the Giving Day website
  • An ask to make a gift should be in all emails sending on 3/12

Brief checklist – paper version

EMT Giving Day 2019 checklist

UTM builder

UTM tool for Email Marketing Team members only.

Suppression video for college/unit staff

If your college/unit staff member needs instructions on how to suppress VIPS & multi-give lists from their lists, send them this step by step instruction video.

Giving Day links

College and Units should submit the desired link for each email on the Email Request Form. You as an EMT member will be using the college/unit core URLs to build the final UTM for tracking purposes. These are the URLs for the other main Giving Day landing pages.

VIP pre-Giving Day page:

VIP pre-Giving Day page for international:

Giving Day homepage:

Giving Day leaderboard:

Giving Day challenges:

Giving Day organizations search:

Giving Day cause page:

Giving Day champions page:

Your college and unit specific profiles and campaign page link. (this is a sample:

iModules token list and video training documents

Token list


If you have any questions, please contact: Kait Provost at

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