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Content strategy

The Giving Day website gives individual funds a space to host content and tell stories. Rely on your webpage to reduce the burden of telling your story through email.

  • AAD emails will announce the event, create momentum and show the power of many, and provide a recap.
  • College and unit emails should aim to motivate. Share giving stories, and prioritize connection and stewardship.

As in past years, college and unit create their own communications strategies based on their audience and giving stories.

Communications timeline

Marketing for Giving Day is short, bold, and intense. This two-week sprint generates urgency and sparks momentum. Mass promotion is on hold until February 27, 2020. When communication begins, we hope to see a mix of Cornell and peer-driven messaging.

Each of the following communication phases will include a marketing mix of website updates, emails, social media, video, and news posts.

Dates Phase Core calls to action
February 27, 2020 The pre-event site goes live
Countdown and promotion begin
Save the date –
Get ready, spread the word
March 12, 2020 The Big Day.
Solicitations, leaderboards/ challenges
Give, share, compete
March 13, 2020 Post-event site live
Thank you, see the results
March 13 through April 2, 2020 Additional stewardship opportunities Explore the difference one day made


Full timeline overview

Segment definitions

VIP* single area donor: 1 gift to one college/unit (college/unit sends)
VIP* multi area donor: 2 or 3+ gifts to multiple colleges/units (AAD sends)
AAD also sends to international donors, multi-area donors, past Giving Day donors, loyal donors, all other donors, parents, registered students, faculty and staff.
Colleges and units also send to alumni donors from the past 3 years, non-donors, with a special email track for students, parents, faculty and staff.

*VIP definition: Anyone who gave $5K this year OR last year OR both. Anyone who has given $50K in the last 5 years.

Note: If you have any feedback about these definitions, please email Angie Giammarino.

College and unit email schedule

Email schedule for college and units

Email liaisons

Each college and unit will be paired with a member of the AAD Email Marketing Team. All emails will be created in iModules by EMT liaisons.

View the liaison staff member chart.

FREEZE DATE for opt-outs and VIPs – DATE TBD

Colleges and units may begin reviewing opt-out and VIP files in November. People on this list will not receive any email about Giving Day from AAD, colleges, or units.  Please share specific individuals that should be added to these lists by DATE TBD.

List suppression – DATE TBD

You will receive the final VIP and opt-out list by email in mid-January. Please make sure to suppress all VIPs and multi-give donors from your final audience list before attaching them to your email request form. View this video for step by step instructions on how to suppress individuals.

Email scheduling arc meeting –  DATE TBD

At this meeting, we will plan the email send times for Giving Day messages together.

The overall goals:
– create an email send arc for Giving Day
– spread out emails to avoid a bottleneck in iModules
– schedule hourly challenge emails appropriately

Please share your desired email send times for Giving Day prior to the meeting using this form (TO BE ADDED).

Follow naming convention:
NAMING CONVENTION: College or Unit name/your netid/subject line/segment-audience#-Challenge or No Challenge

Library/dhe4/One day can make a difference/VIP-3000-CH
Library/dhe4/One day can make a difference/Lib Past Donors in NYC-3000-NA

Post meeting: sending arc summary document

Questions about naming conventions? Contact Kait Provost.

Email Submission – DATE TBD

Please use the email checklist as you prepare your content for each planned email message then submit your request no later than DATE TBD. Be prepared to review and approve all your emails with your EMT liaison no later than DATE TBD.

Email request form link goes here

Preparing email assets and requests

Email banners have been created for every college and unit in iModules. Please contact your liaison directly if you need to update your banner. We encourage you to use the same photo in your email message and your Giving Day web page. See this sample. Attach your photographs for your email messages to the Email Request Form.

Giving Day links

College and Units should submit the desired link for each email on the Email Request Form. The EMT members will be using your core URL to build the final UTM for tracking purposes.

VIP pre-Giving Day page:

VIP pre-Giving Day page for international:

Giving Day homepage:

Giving Day leaderboard:

Giving Day challenges:

Giving Day organizations search:

Giving Day cause page:

Giving Day champions page:

Your college and unit specific profiles and campaign page link. (this is a sample:

UTM tool for Email Marketing Team members only.

Email templates

All Giving Day emails must be sent from iModules to ensure real-time unsubscribes. Two flexible, mobile-friendly email templates are available in iModules for each college and unit to use. The emails will be designed to support the purpose of college and unit emails (motivate, share giving stories, connect). The templates will contain Giving Day assets, branding and proper text formatting. You will be able to customize your copy as desired to fit your marketing needs.








Questions about emails? Contact:

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