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Design Assets

Landing page guidelines

These guidelines will help you create beautiful Giving Day profiles and campaigns on the Giving Day website.

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The Cornell Giving Day logo has gotten a refresh! Files named GD-logo are full-color versions. Use the GD-dark-logo on light backgrounds. Use the GD-white-logo on dark backgrounds.

square logo

Square logo

Horizontal logo

Horizontal logo

simple logo

Simple logo

Print and digital versions

JPG or PNG versions of the logo are available for your online and printed materials. Be aware of your background and leave space between the Giving Day logo and other elements.

Download logos for print

Download logos for the web

Vector files

Vector files are also available for download. Use good design sense when using them. Do not alter the logo shape, color, or typography. Be aware of adding background colors and how they contrast with the logo.

Video bumper

Place this clip at the end of your own videos to connect your visuals with the Giving Day brand. Don’t forget to include a call-to-action and the Giving Day website URL at the end of your videos.

Download the bumper


Headers and calls to action use Lato with various weights.

Body copy uses Montserrat.

Both typefaces are available at Google Fonts.

Color palette

  • Red: Calls to action, headers, and body links
  • Blue-grey: Secondary calls to action
  • Light yellow: Tertiary accents
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