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Page formatting guidelines

These guidelines focus on content formatting for Giving Day profiles and campaigns in GiveGab.

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Distinctive, unexpected, but lovably Cornell, this colorful Giving Day logo can be placed alongside the Cornell logo and/or your college or unit’s branding, or be used as standalone branding for your Cornell Giving Day messaging.

Giving Day logo transparent PNG

Transparent PNG

Giving Day logo JPEG

White background JPEG


EPS (vector) version

Here is an EPS version. Use good design sense when using it: Be aware of your background (and how it contrasts with the logo) and leave some white space between the Giving Day logo and other elements.

Video bumper

This video bumper should be used with all Giving Day videos. Place it at the end of your own videos to connect your visuals with the Giving Day brand. Don’t forget to include a call-to-action and the Giving Day website URL at the end of your videos.


Headers and calls to action use Roboto Slab with various weights.

Body copy uses Roboto.

Both typefaces are available under an Apache License, Version 2.0 at Google Fonts.

Color Palette

  • Red: Calls to action,
  • Blue: headers and hierarchy. Also body links,
  • Warm grey: secondary information, no sense of urgency.
red-swatch #b31b1b
blue-swatch #62bacc
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