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College & Unit Monthly Checklist

2020 Giving Day schedule and deadlines

  • Marketing starts: February 27
  • VIP giving starts: March 3
  • Giving Day 2020: March 12

Annual Giving Programs will send you a monthly email to keep you informed and on track during this campaign. This will help expedite the planning process and keep you up to date on deadlines, information, and requests.

Every month

ATTEND C/U meeting (as required by tier)
REVIEW toolkit for deadlines


TAKE tier quiz & decide on a basic marketing package
IDENTIFY communication channels: web, email, social, etc.


DECIDE which pages/campaigns you are DELETING from the site by October 15
SHARE concerns about cause definitions, taxonomy structure, and cause strategy by October 15
REVIEW web formatting guidelines
REVIEW your creative direction
CREATE message themes


REQUEST custom leaderboard (if desired) by November 5
DRAFT web, email, and social plans
GATHER assets: videos, photos, logos
REVIEW email: hierarchy, templates, segment definitions, AGP messaging


FINALIZE assets: photos, logos (continue video work)
ATTEND meeting with your EMT liaison: December 9-20
DRAFT web, email, and social copy
DETERMINE the segmentation criteria for your college/unit emails
COMMUNICATE interest in hosting an on-campus event (optional)
COMMUNICATE plans for internal match/challenge (optional, but encouraged)
REVIEW VIP/Multi-give/Opt-out lists
READY FOR UPDATING: 2020 site ready for new pages/campaigns and copy on December 16
ATTEND GiveGab office hours: December 19


FINALIZE web copy, email copy, social posts
CONFIRM your C/U designation fund numbers
CREATE new pages/campaigns if desired
ATTEND meeting with your EMT liaison: January 7
NOMINATE funds to be placed within cause categories by January 15
ATTEND GiveGab office hours: January 16
ATTEND email sending arc meeting: DATE TK
FREEZE DATE for VIP/Multi-give/Opt-out lists: January 17
PULL email lists
SUPPRESS VIP/Multi-give/Opt-out lists from your email lists
REVIEW Giving Day URLs on the toolkit
SITE LIVE: Site goes live on January 27
SUBMIT email request forms: January 31


CODE FREEZE: You will no longer be able to make changes to your pages/campaigns or copy after February 1
ATTEND meeting with your EMT liaison: DATE TK
REVIEW thank you process on the toolkit
SCHEDULE social posts
REVIEW quality checklist for all communication channels
USE intercom for last-minute web page assistance
PREVIEW & APPROVE email messages: February 25
Marketing begins on February 27


VOLUNTEER for a day-of task

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