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Employment Law: Cases and Materials

Sixth Edition, 2017

Carolina Academic Press

Steven L. Willborn
Stewart J. Schwab
John F. Burton Jr.
Gillian L. L. Lester

Employment Law, 6th edition, provides a comprehensive and flexible set of materials for teaching and learning the many different types of courses professors offer as “employment law.” The Sixth Edition uses a soft touch to update prior editions to ease the transition for past users of the text. At the same time, however, the Edition provides the most recent developments in employment law, including new materials on the gig economy, employer-provided health insurance, discrimination protections for LGBTQ, labor enforcement, and developments in state and local legislation on topics such as rest periods, scheduling, and workers’ compensation. The volume will be accompanied by a Teachers Manual. Student access to statutory material will be available free of charge on a website.


  • Includes updates on the most recent developments in employment law, including coverage of workers in the gig economy, fissuring, employer-provided health insurance, changes in workers’ compensation, and state law developments on issues such as the minimum wage and just-in-time scheduling.
  • Covers all the major areas of employment law so that teachers can select the topics that match their interest and expertise.
  • Supported by website that includes all the necessary statutes and regulations.
  • Integrates materials with a rigorous theoretical backing that calls on recent insights from behavioral economics, psychology, game theory, and others.
  • Each of the editors is an experienced teacher and leading scholar in employment law, and each has decanal experience.
    • Steven L. Willborn is the Judge Harry A. Spencer Professor of Law at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He was the Dean of the University of Nebraska College of Law from 2001-2009. Willborn has been a Commissioner to the Uniform Law Commission and Reporter of its Drafting Committee for the Uniform Wage Garnishment Act. He has been President of the International Association of Labor Law Journals and a member of the Editorial Board of the Comparative Labor Law and Policy Journal. Willborn teaches Employment Law, Labor Law, Employment Discrimination Law, and Pension and Employee Benefits Law. He received his J.D. from the University of Wisconsin.
    • Stewart J. Schwab is the Jonathan and Ruby Zhu Professor of Law at Cornell University. He was the Allan R. Tessler Dean of Cornell Law School from 2004-2014. He was a Reporter for the American Law Institute’s Restatement of Employment Law, and is Co-Editor of the Journal of Empirical Legal Studies, an Editorial Board member of the Employee Rights and Employment Policy Journal, and former Editorial Board member of Law and Social Inquiry: Journal of the American Bar Foundation. Schwab has taught Employment Law, Labor Law, Employment Discrimination Law, and Whistleblower Law, among other courses. He received his J.D. and Ph.D in economics from the University of Michigan.
    • John F. Burton Jr. is Professor Emeritus in the School of Management and Labor Relations at Rutgers University and Professor Emeritus in the School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University. He is the former Dean of the School of Management and Labor Relations. Burton was Chairman of the National Commission on State Workmen’s Compensation Laws, and served as President of the Industrial Relations Research Association in 2002. He was editor of John Burton’s Workers’ Compensation Monitor from 1988 to 1997 and the Workers’ Compensation Policy Review from 2001 to 2008. Burton received his JD and PhD in economics from the University of Michigan.
    • Gillian L.L. Lester is the Lucy G. Moses Professor of Law at Columbia University and the current Dean of Columbia Law School. Previously, she was the Alexander F. and May T. Morrison Professor of Law and the Werner and Mimi Wolfen Research Professor at the University of California–Berkeley, where she co-directed the Berkeley Center for Health, Economic and Family Security and served as Acting Dean from 2012-2014, and Acting Professor and Professor of Law at UCLA from 1994-2006. She has taught Employment Law, Employment Policy, and Comparative Social Welfare Law. She was an Adviser to the American Law Institute’s Restatement of Employment Law. Lester received her LL.B. from the University of Toronto and her J.S.D. from Stanford University.
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