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Education for Travel: Portugal

Travelling to Portugal is certainly an exciting experience, filled with colour, great tastes and dynamic locals. But many that live on other continents fear that the entire process might be a bit too complicated and choose not to set foot in Portugal. This is such a shame, since if you succeed to reach this country, you’re in for a treat. In the following paragraphs, you will find out more about an Indian’s first experience in Portugal and his advice for others who look forward to visiting the country.

1. Be mindful of your visa

Of course, before getting your visa, you must know the period in which you’ll be visiting the country. But maybe more important than this is the visa itself. As an Indian, you must get in touch with an agency specialised in delivering services of this kind and inform yourself on the process. Who knows, it may be quite similar to getting your Malaysia evisa. But, as a general rule, you will need the following papers in order to apply:

  • Your passport, not older than 10 years, with at least two blank pages, with a validity interval of at least three months after your return in India;
  • An application form filled appropriately;
  • A photograph that is still relevant to the way you look.

The process will be handled by the agency as shortly as possible.

2. Don’t overload your schedule

Being your first trip to Portugal, you might be tempted to cramp as many locations as possible during your stay. But it would be even better if you could concentrate on one area and maybe return another time for exploring another area. This way you will avoid loading your schedule too much and you will get to explore properly the entire area picked.

3. If you’re planning the trip of your own, be careful

Planning a trip like this when you don’t know the public transportation system very well may be tricky. This is why it’s preferable to research your transfer options well. See if you have to use the public transportation system from the airport to your accommodation facility, the schedule and I it has a normal schedule even during the week-ends. Keep in mind that your return to the airport for your departure back to India might depend entirely on it. And you want to make sure that you’re not late for your check-in.

4. How to stay safe in Portugal?

Portugal is a relatively chill destination, but you should keep in mind some safety rules. Always ask the hotel staff to book your cab, and if you have valuables such as money or electronics in your room, you must lock those into the safe in the room, or, alternatively, take those to the hotel’s reception. They will keep a close eye on those for you. A great advice would be to try to blend in and not look like a tourist. People might profit from your lack of knowledge and it’s better to avoid this.

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