Town of Dryden

Rails To Trails

Project Description: At the request of the Dryden Town Supervisor and the Chair of the Dryden Conservation Board, Design Connect will spend the semester evaluating a 6.25 mile portion of abandoned rail lines connecting the Towns of Freeville and Varna for conversion into a multimodal trail. Listed as a high priority in the Town of Dryden’s Comprehensive Plan as well as other local and regional planning documents, this segment is one piece of a larger rails-trails system that will create a regional trail network. To the best of their ability, the team will conduct a conditions assessment of the rail line, develop a cost estimate and information on funding sources, create a trail concept plan complete with information on materials, signage, upgrades for specific segments, stream crossings, and road crossings, and conduct an assessment of opportunities and barriers to trail development.

bridge trail pic

The Dryden Rails To Trails Team:

Team at Site Visit

Meet The Team: 

Project Manager:

Eileen Munsch (MRP 2016)

Team Members:

Caterina Brescia (BLA 2017)

Melissa Brower (DEA 2016)

Michael Catsos (MRP 2015)

Maggie (Fangjun) Dong (MRP 2016)

Jaclyn Hochreiter (MRP 2016)

Rany Megally (M.Eng)

Enrique Questell (M.Eng)

Kyle Sitzman (MLA 2017)

Olivia So (URS 2017)

Alice Sturm (MLA 2017)