Working with SOAR (Neighborhood Health Status Improvement Grant Project funded by the Greater Rochester Health Foundation and led by Cornell Cooperative Extension of Wayne County), the Design Connect Team will create a trail system in the Village of Clyde that connects Blockhouse Park to Heritage Park. In addition, the team will develop Heritage Park into a trail center with trail, historical, and tourist information for destinations in Clyde, Galen, and Savannah. The goals of this resident-driven project are to bring tourists to downtown Clyde to spend time exploring all that the village has to offer, thereby revitalizing the local economy.  The project will provide new trails and information for residents and tourists to increase opportunities to be physically active, beautify and enhance already existing parks, and bring people together to learn about the history and heritage of the waterways that surround Clyde.

The Clyde Blockhouse, originally built during the winter of 1721-22. The replica was constructed from 1975-76.

The team outside of the Blockhouse replica.