For the Spring semester of 2020, Design Connect has taken on the following four projects:


Camp Columbus Restoration Development Plan

Chenango County Historical Society and Museum

Vestal Front Street Revitalization

Owego North Avenue Art Park



  1. Ruth Hopkins, 163 asbury road
    Do you need another project for this fall? I know it is late to submit.
    I am working with three Town Board Members in Lansing, N.Y. who would like to do a feasibility analysis for a Town-wide master trail plan. The newly approved Comprehensive Plan calls for such a plan but the Town does not have the resources to hire a consultant to do the initial analysis that would then enable the Town to get a grant for the final planning and implementation stages.
    Thank you for your consideration. If it is too late for this fall, how about Spring 2019, is this the kind of project you’d want to consider? Ruth

  2. Hi Ruth,

    Thank you for your interest in Design Connect! We have already selected our projects for the fall semester. We regularly take on recreation and trail related master planning projects, so we invite you to consider applying for the spring semester. The application will go live on October 1st and will be available at the “For Clients” section of the website, where you can find more information. Feel free to email us at if you have any questions.

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