Well, this is it…144 posts later, it’s finally time to write about the conclusion of my college years!

You were there during my pre-freshman summer, watching me as I eagerly counted down the days to my Cornell arrival, and finished my packing list. You were there when I moved in, did laundry for the first time, got care packages, enjoyed parents weekend, took my first round of prelims, questioned my original major, dealt with course enrollment, got nervous about my first finals, and finished my first semester (and year).clocktowerx300-qvdiob

You were there as I got involved with clubs (like the Program Board and The Sun), took quirky P.E. classes, went to career services, and quartercarded on Ho Plaza. Some cool stuff happened along the way, like discovering a “secret” tunnel and running into Bill Nye in the Cornell Store.

Over time I’d like to think you watched me grow–mastering the TCAT, coming around to ‘liking’ Ithaca, speaking in lecture halls, and finally transferring into an academic program that I ended up loving (and which I’d say defined the second half of my college career). I also realized howcornell_fall_sunset adults handle birthdays in collegeBecoming a teaching assistant was a huge growing experience, as were the few embarrassing situations I happened to get myself into.

I brought you along as I got my first internship, then second…then third. Acclimating to life in Manhattan, then D.C., proved to be growing experiences as well. Interestingly enough, over time Cornell changed as much as I did–with the addition of the NYC Tech Campus and removal of the fences on the bridges.

But you were also there when things weren’t so great-when I dealt with awfully stressful weeks and being sick in college, when the fire alarm went off in Donlon at 3am during finals week, when I had doubts about leaving for a semester, when I lost $300 worth of textbooks, and, of course the saddest, when I had those kind of family emergencies.artsquad03

Once I got the hang of Cornell I may or may not have used the blog as a podium–such as by talking about the land-grant mission, the importance of enjoying the ride, how random everything is, what any person-any study and elite, not elitist mean and what truly makes Cornell unique. If you actually thought I knew what I was talking about, props to you–but I made everything up. (Just kidding.)

I can’t believe I have a chronicle of my 4 years of college life to look back on. I have to thank Lisa and Emily in the Office of Web Communications for having faith in me, inspiring me and giving me irresponsible incredible amounts of freedom. IMG_4470I’m not sure how many other Ivy League universities would let a student blog this freely, but somehow I’ve maintained to hang onto this gig for 4 years without any furious calls from Day Hall.

Thanks to everyone else that made my Cornell experience incredible as well. A prevalent theme throughout this blog is undoubtedly the importance of people, and how they make Cornell great. My time in Ithaca was not always easy–far from it–but the fantastic people I’ve met here tended to pull me through the good and the bad. This includes the student my sophomore year who found my ID card and returned it to me, the professor junior year who1 2 wrote me a 14 paragraph email at 4 in the morning, and the many friends and familiar faces I’ve grown to meet over the last few years. Thanks to this job, I’ve corresponded with prospective students from places like Pakistan, China, Australia, Thailand and Nigeria…and that’s an experience I certainly won’t forget either.

If you’ve been a regular reader and have been silent, I’d love to hear your comments. (Blogging is kind of a one-sided conversation; I only really get feedback when people have huge disagreements, like when we’re discussing top on-campus lunches.)

I guess I’ll wrap up this final post by using the exact same line I used 4 years ago in my inaugural post:

“Thanks for coming along for the ride!!”

3 thoughts on “Finale

  1. Ariel

    This may sound weird, but I started following your blog when I was still in high school and Cornell was only a dream, and it’s hard to believe that you graduated and it’s all over. I did get into Cornell and just finished my semester abroad (during which I kept a similar blog for the study abroad office) but although our time at Cornell overlapped by three years, we never met. In any case, thanks for writing such a great blog and best of luck with your post-grad plans!

  2. Joel

    Hi Dave,
    We have loved reading your posts and vicariously enjoying your 4 years at Cornell.
    Congratulations on a wonderful 4 years.
    Joel & Barbara

  3. Kim

    Hi David,
    I’m a rising sophomore at Cornell and following your blog for the entirety of my freshman year was fascinating. I was inspired to apply for the blogging program and I got it! Thanks for the great blog posts and good luck. 🙂

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