Daily Archives: May 10, 2014

Done with College Classes and my Final Slope Day…Wait, What?

This’ll unfortunately have to be a short post–I’m sitting here in the library with 3 papers/projects due in the next few days. But, I just need to exclaim that after 4 years and 8 semesters at Cornell, I have finally finished my last day of college classes!

Honestly, last Wednesday was surreal. And there couldn’t have been a more fitting sendoff to my 17 years of education than in Wines on Wednesday night…where many seniors were also celebrating “the end” and we were able to have a toast (of sorts) to our undergraduate career.

Not to blatantly copy pictures off of my Instagram, but here was one of the final wines we had.pic1

And…I can’t neglect to mention that the day after classes was Slope Day! My fourth Slope Day was spent enjoying the sun with friends, getting ridiculously burnt, and enjoying decent Slope Day Chinese food. I’m not a huge Ludacris fan, and honestly didn’t even know who Matt and Kim were before they were announced as Slope Day performers…but it was just fun to be in the sun, and celebrate the end of my senior year. Below is a pic that was tweeted out by one of the performers, 3LAU; note that I’m the type of person that wouldn’t wanna be in the middle of this, right up front. Some people see it as fun and exciting…I see it as sweaty, hot, and crowded.


I gotta say, it was sad walking around and realizing all the people that I knew, or could at least nod my head at–a result of friendships that have been built up over 4 years! It makes me really want to appreciate these last few days…before these people move around the country and world.

I’m going to try to blog more in the next few days…look for hopefully more substantive posts soon, as I wrap up my college career. I seriously can’t believe that this is the end–especially when I look back and read posts written by my naive freshman self!!