Daily Archives: March 18, 2013

Overall Update on my Life: Second Semester Junior Year

Woo, it’s spring break! I’ve had quite a few busy and stressful weeks, and have dealt with my fair share of aggravation…so let’s just say that this break has been well deserved. While the suburbs of Connecticut might not be as enticing as Punta Cana or Miami, I’m excited to kick back and relax with family and friends. Now that it’s practically mid-way through my second semester of junior year (!!!), I figure it’s a good time to update you, devoted readers, as to what’s been going on exactly in my life. So let’s do this:

  • Regarding the summer internship hunt: It’s still very much in progress. I wasn’t one of those lucky few students who sealed the deal early on (meaning, signed a contract in January), so I’m still very much in the hunt for any experience relating to business strategy. I’m also not geographically-sensitive; if there’s any time in my life to try living in a different location, I figure this is it! So, I’m really open to going anywhere. (Corporate recruiters, if you like me, here’s my LinkedIn.)
  • I’m officially accepted to the Cornell in Washington program for next semester. Fall of my senior year will be spent in the bustling city of Washington D.C., where I’ll write a substantial business policy paper and get some practical work experience.
  • I turned 21 on March 8th, and as such went out to enjoy Ithaca’s, er…unique bar scene. My findings: bars are crowded and sweaty–but a lot of fun to be at, and there’s definitely an allure to ’em.
  • Academics are going really well, as I’m getting a lot out of my courses. But, finance is known to be toughand it is really tough. It’s been a learning experience for me in that, just like pre-med’s do in orgo and engineers do in their weed-out calculus classes, I’ve sunk hours upon hours (heck, weekends upon weekends) into understanding the material, and that hasn’t always resulted in sky-high test scores.
  • Other aspects of my junior year experience: Overall, life is good at Cornell. I’m hearing Bob Dylan perform next month. The weather’s getting warmer. It’s fun being a business management teaching assistant. I’ve discovered, 3 years in, that Okenshield’s is actually pretty good, so I won’t flood my CornellCard account with $8.00 Statler salads.

So…yeah, that about sums up where I’m at right about now. I’m at a pretty interesting time in my Cornell experience because –as I plan out my coursework for next year–I’m beginning to see the finish line, that is, May 25, 2014. Whoa…