Finals vs. Term Papers?

If you had told me last year at this time–when I had four finals in a week–that I might have term papers instead of exams for a few of my classes, I would’ve jumped with joy. Papers, I had always felt, are relaxing! You can do ’em on your own time, as you aren’t subjected to 2 hours of stress,  and you don’t have to worry about ridiculously ambiguous questions. Yeah, I had thought, a semester’s end without tests would be pretty ideal.

…or not! This semester, the majority of my end-of-semester assessments were papers. I had a 4 page paper to write for Cornell History, a 10 page paper in American Studies, and a 12 page paper for my English seminar (all were due last week). Now, I’m working on what’s supposed to be a 20-30 page in-depth report for business management due Monday. While I have one exam in DEA 1500–a really cool class I’d recommend–another one in business management is optional if I do well on this report.

Hence, I’m sitting here in Olin on this beautiful post-Slope Day morning plugging away, attempting to analyze Canon, Inc.’s productivity initiatives.

Speaking of which, Slope Day was yesterday; I had a great time. Last year I volunteered in the hot sun, essentially distributing water bottles to intoxicated people. This time, I didn’t commit and was able to enjoy a nice day on the Slope with Taio Cruz. Luckily, he played the only two songs I knew–Break Your Heart and Dynamite. What was the highlight for me, though, was the opening group–The Wailers, of Bob Marley & The Wailers fame. They played “One Love,” which is a phenomenal song.

It’s almost summer! Time for me to finish up my remaining work…

2 thoughts on “Finals vs. Term Papers?

  1. Hannah

    It’s been forever since I left you a blog comment!

    Good luck with your papers and your time management; you’ll pull through, I’m sure. And congrats on being done with classes and enjoying Slope Day! We had pretty horrible entertainment during the years I was there (you know it’s bad when the Pussycat Dolls is the best Slope Day act you can remember), but the Wailers? That’s legit. Looks like the turnout was fantastic by the looks of your photo!

    Hang in there, and once you’re all done, have a cold beer (erm… that is, soda) and celebrate!!

  2. Online Writing Class

    This seems to be how it always works out. You can never have a nice combination of term papers and exams; it is always one extreme or the other. You either have 5 cumulative exams in one week or 4 10-page term papers due within three days of each other. I feel for you. Hope you made it through them, haha.

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