Daily Archives: March 16, 2012

Time to cross off another stereotypical college activity…CLASS ON THE QUAD!

I’ve heard many people say that Cornell offers the quintessential college experience. After all, we have world-renowned professors, beautiful ivy-covered buildings, multiple sprawling quads, and almost any extracurricular activity that you could imagine.

(Okay, I’ll stop sounding like I’m leading a Cornell information session now.)

I like to think I’ve crossed off many items on the list of stereotypical things that all college students should do. I’ve gone to Cornell homecoming games, thrown a frisbee on nice days, pulled late nights in the library, and gone to professors’ office hours.

One thing that’s so college that I’ve never experienced was to have class held outside in a circle on the quad. Doesn’t that just sound like an idyllic college activity, the kind of thing that’s pictured on the front of a college admissions brochure?

Yesterday, it happened. I walked into my 11:40 English seminar, and the professor–a NYTimes bestselling author–was so excited about the weather that she led us outside, and we discussed historical fiction in the sun while birds were chirping and people were running around (not unlike the photo to the right…which is not us by the way).

Okay, time to check “have class outside” off my college bucket list…