Adventures in the Career Services Office

Talking to people about their post-Cornell aspirations can be a pretty intimidating task–after all, there are some pretty determined people here. You can meet the hotelie who’s always dreamed of being the VP of Marriott, the engineer who loves science and plans on owning a green energy firm by the age of 30, and the fiber science major who knows clothing is their passion–and they want to do it for the rest of their life.

Gotta love generic business photos!

Then, there’s me.

I know that I like the world of business and dealing with people…but what does that mean? There are a million jobs that could interest me, from consulting to hospitality. I’ve also developed an affinity for television and media as of late, and would love to pursue interests there too.

Looking for some guidance, I turned to the helpful folks in Arts and Sciences career advising. After meeting with one of the career counselors last week for an overview session, I was instructed to take the “Strong Interest Inventory,” an assessment that would supposedly help me narrow down my abilities and suggest career paths. Today, I went back to career services to get the results:

So, what did I learn from the results? It turns out, my inclination towards business was solidified. I was given the personality designations “enterprising,” “conventional,” and “social.” It also suggested numerous careers for me, such as buyer, operations manager, and ‘top executive.’

Do I feel like career services and the psychological tests helped me out? Sure; it was great feeling knowing that I had solidified my interest in business. But do I feel like I know exactly what I want to do with my life? No way! Maybe I could just turn my “Life on the Hill” blogging position into a full-time job…

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