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Being Recognized

This has been fun.

The blogger Cullen has written about it, my boss Lisa mentioned during training that it would happen, and I envisioned it happening when I accepted the Life on the Hill job offer over a year ago.

What am I talking about? Being recognized on campus as a blogger, of course! I guess because of this ever so flattering picture of me on the Cornell site…

Cornell University - Student Life - Life on the Hill

…my face is burned in to many-a-freshman’s mind. Some interesting examples of being recognized:

  • Clubfest: Thank you, freshman reader, for coming up to me at Clubfest a week or so ago and saying, “Whoa! I recognize you! I read your blog!” It was quite the morale booster, and cheered me up from the fact that I had put my NetID on wayy too many organization’s email lists. Seriously, my email is still getting flooded with emails from clubs I’ve never heard of. (Hint: if they’re offering free cookies in exchange for your email…think twice).
  • Astronomy 1101: I overheard a freshman sitting near me in Astronomy telling her friend how she read that “David, the Life Astronomy 1101_1103on the Hill blogger, was also in this class.” As I was only 3 seats away, I then introduced myself and started a conversation before the lecture. Awesome.
  • Olin Library: Thanks to the girl who came up to me and asked where the printers were located, then wondered why I looked familiar. After mutually confirming that we haven’t actually met in real life, she admitted to having read the Life on the Hill blogs, including mine, as a senior in high school. (By the way, since it was a good question–the printers in Olin are located in an enclosed room right in the center of the front study area. There is also one in Kroch.)

Olin Library Floor 1

Switching gears, in my last post I promised to post the funniest comments submitted to the “What would you do if you saw Bill Nye?” question…so here goes!

First, the poll results, as of September 10:

SurveyMonkey - Survey Results

Interesting. Not too many giggling schoolgirls in Bill Nye’s presence, that’s for sure.

And for the most interesting responses:

“HUG HIM! It’s on the 161 list.”

“**** my pants.”

“Smiled awkwardly and eventually said hi.”

For the sake of my laundry experience, I’m glad I didn’t do the second one. And I’m glad that the third commenter would have acted as I did in that position.

Today’s plan: WORK, WORK, WORK! I have a 5 page paper to write, a programming project to do, and various other assignments/readings. So I’ll be pretty busy, don’t you worry.

Until next time…