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Cornell: Round 2!

Aaand I’m back in Ithaca, after a restful summer! It’s time for round #2 at Cornell, ladies and gentlemen…

Let me begin by just briefly addressing my housing situation this year. While all Cornell freshmen are required to live on North Campus, sophomores, juniors and seniors have a variety of living options (including apartments, frat/sorority houses, etc.). West Campus is where a bunch of upper-level students live, and with good reason; the recent addition of 5 brand spanking new dorms “houses” makes it a very attractive option. Each house has its own mail center, dining hall, house professor, etc…and I’m definitely enjoying it thus far, in part because of my single in Alice Cook:


I can promise you, this is the one time all year that it will look as neat as this.

(If you’re interested to see pictures of different freshman dorms, see this post and this post.)

It’s interesting; you definitely feel a different vibe living on West, especially when you come  from North freshman year. It seems like a more mature and relaxed environment over here, with sophisticated events like “House Teas” taking the place of, say, Easter egg coloring study breaks on North.

Now, let’s talk about my academic plans. Some dedicated readers might remember this post a while back in which I basically admitted how, as a pre-business student in the College of Arts and Sciences, I had no idea what to major in. Well, I think I have a better idea now of my plans, but I’ll let Ezra tell you. Ezra, take it away…



Clearly, you can see my enjoyment of randomly inserting Ezra into blog posts has not waned one bit this summer.

I’m excited about it because the University has announced that the economics department is improving and consolidating, and this should result in an improved undergraduate experience. And, the economics major is only 8 classes, which will provide meCornell Chronicle_ Universitywide economics department created-1 with more than enough flexibility to take business classes I want to take in other schools (e.g. this semester I’m taking Hotelie Marketing). Plus, as I’m more interested in applications of economics rather than calculus-based courses, there are a bunch of classes that appeal to me (such as “Economic Analysis of Politics” and “Economic Analysis of the University”).

As far as this semester goes, I’ve tried to fill Arts and Sciences requirements while choosing classes that interest me. That involved sitting in on classes that I didn’t end up taking…but in the end I think I’ve picked classes I’m happy with (among them, Astronomy 1101…woohoo!).

I’ll tell one final anecdote before I wrap up: Thursday afternoon, as I was finishing my classes and heading back to Cook, I had a few people text/stop me on the Arts Quad to tell me my face David Schatz-3showed up during a Cognitive Science 1101 professor’s PowerPoint lecture (quoting a phrase I wrote in this post). Confused as to what was going on, I had someone show me a picture, and voilà, there I saw myself in all my pixelated glory. So thank you, Professor, for giving me 15 minutes of fame!

Alright, back to the world academia it is. Work is slowly piling on, but such is life at Cornell…

Have a good weekend!