Daily Archives: April 30, 2011

Being Sick in College


Around last Tuesday, I noticed that my throat was getting sore, I had headaches/congestion, and was just not feeling too hot in general. Wednesday I trotted down to Gannett Health Services; the kind nurseGannett_ Gannett Health Services chalked it up to allergies, gave some light suggestions (e.g. gargle salt water), and sent me on my way. She said to come back in a few days if I wasn’t feeling better…so guess where I went today?

I guess that I lucked out, in a sense, in terms of academic timing. I’m happy that I’ll hopefully be able to nip these seasonal allergies in the butt before finals start–my work has slowed down as the semester’s ending, so this weekend is a perfect time to veg out in bed.

Random thoughts/observations about currently being under the weather:

  • Naturally, the weekend that I feel under the weather is one of the first weekends that it’s sunny/warm out and people are throwing frisbees. It’s okay, though, watching people outside having fun is just as entertaining…right?
  • I’ve been able to catch up on some TV. Michael’s last show on The Office? Eh, didn’t love it. I zoned out while watching it on Hulu more than a few times. Cross your fingers for more Cornell shoutouts from Andy Bernard next season.


    Goodbye, Michael Scott!

  • If we’ve had any sort of physical contact whatsoever in the last week (I’m talking high-fives, mom)–don’t worry. I’m not contagious.
  • Gannett Health Services really has their act together, as a whole. When I wasn’t feeling too hot initially, I gave them a call late at night and the receptionist was responsive, informative, and friendly. All the nurses/doctors I talked to were incredibly helpful, as well. Parents, rest assured that your child will be in good hands here.
  • +500 David points to the first person who brings hot chicken soup to my door. David points are redeemable at any location David’s are sold.
  • I’ve recently developed an affinity for all things cherry. Cherry NyQuil, cherry cough drops, etc. I have no idea why.

Now that I’ve gotten random things off of my chest, it’s time for me to hop into bed and call it a night. Here’s hoping that this post is coherent and makes sense to me in the morning!