Daily Archives: April 26, 2011

The end is near!

Wow. People have told me that freshman year of college goes by quickly, but I truly had no idea that it’d be going this fast. Professors in most of my classes have begun talking about final exams, the weather is finally getting warm (!!!!), and I’m just now getting flurries of year-end information (e.g. dorm check-out meetings).

I’ve definitely felt the workload pick up the last week or so. Today, for example, I sat in Olin library for 4 hours or so catching up on various readings, working on an economics assignment, and finishing anbed_bug_traumatic_insemination entomology paper–which was admittedly a ton of fun to write; click here for the rubric. Seriously, after all my research on my topic, I’m convinced that I know more about bedbug sex and traumatic insemination than anyone else.

What else is going on in my world as of late?

  • I just spilled a Campbell’s “Cup of Soup” in the microwave. Luckily, no one was around to witness the debacle, but it took a good 20 minutes of wiping down/rinsing off the microwave. Add that to the fact that the paper towel dispenser is motion-sensitive, so what you have is me repeatedly waving my hands like a lunatic and running back and forth from the towels to the microwave multiple times. Set that to music like this, and you’ve got comedy gold.
  • I went to go see CNN host Fareed Zakaria speak about “The Post-American World”  yesterday in a packed Statler auditorium, and it was informational, entertaining, and eye-opening. He just seemed like a brilliant, down to earth guy who knew how to engage everyone. Naturally, your humble blogger was able to sneak a picture with him afterwards:

fareedSee, here’s the great thing about being at a big school. You might think that meeting Zakaria and Olbermann was hard to do, and mostly a matter of luck and perseverance. That really isn’t the case; both celebrities were jovial and easy to access (as they both stuck around after their shows solely to converse with people). If you come here, you should get involved and go to these kinds of events to see how advantageous it is to be at a place like CU.

  • I was on Facebook chat late last night when a friend mentioned that I got “brownie points” for doing something; this resulted in me getting a craving for Insomnia Cookies. So, I had like 15 delivered and proceeded to eat and distribute them to friends that had a lot of work to do. It was totally worth it at the time.

f3eb1_Insomnia-CookiesNow let’s wrap up by answering a pre-frosh’s question:

When do freshman sign up to take their classes? Is it sometime during the summer or is it during the spring with all of the upperclassmen? Also, would it be feasible to bring a Windows laptop to Cornell (though Cornell uses Mac computers more)?

Hey, thanks for the questions. If I recall correctly, you’ll get at email at some point over the summer that will give you all the instructions you need in order to pick and choose classes–including a link to StudentCenter, orientation information, etc. For Arts and Sciences, at least, we were told to go to this site specifically designed to acclimate new students to the college. So…you ultimately have nothing to worry about yet; just relax, and wait for the email! If you’re particularly determined, you may want to take a look at the Courses of Study from this year to read about potential courses offered.

Regarding your second question, Cornell students use both Mac’s and PC’s; while you might see more than a few illuminated Apple logo’s in Libe Cafe, the decision ultimately comes down to personal preference. Go with what you personally prefer–unless you’re in the Hotel School, where they explicitly state:

Recommendations for Computer Purchases-1

Until next time, my friends…