Meeting Keith Olbermann!

Pick up any Cornell brochure, and you’ll see that the names of a couple prominent alums are always mentioned. Cornell students like to tout that quite a few successful people have attended the school–among them E.B. White, Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Supreme Court Justice), Bill Nye the Science Guy, Bill Maher, and Christopher Reeve.  Just yesterday I had the chance of meeting another pretty famous Cornellian–national TV personality Keith Olbermann ’79. How did this happen, you ask?

Keith Olbermann Cornell

YES, the same Keith Olbermann that whipped out his Cornell diploma on air to fight back against Ann Coulter's "non-ivy" remarks

As I’ve referenced in an earlier post, I’m on the Cornell University Program Board (CUPB)–the group that brings entertainers, speakers, etc. to campus (not to be confusedwith the Concert Commission, which is music-only). This means that, when it was announced that prominent sportscaster, reporter, and media personality Keith Olbermann was coming to campus to speak, I was able to usher for the show and attend a meet-and-greet after with him. (For more details on the actual show, click here.)

The show–which entailed him talking about his time in Ithaca (and his not-so-stellar academic career), delivering a brief politically-charged speech, and hosting a question and answer session–was very well-done. I’m not going to go into my political views here, but I can certainly say that regardless of whether you’re conservative or liberal, it was cool to see a man of such power and influence speak.

So anyways, after  the show he stuck around to sign some autographs for the general public, then attended the reception. He was very social, and eager to meet everyone. He made a couple joking comments to me about the size of my CUPB polocountdown_with_keith_olbermann-show(okay…maybe I should have ordered a medium instead of a large), then I went up to him and talked for a little bit (about what, I’m not really sure..I was kind of starstruck). I remember mentioning something along the lines of  “Hey! I’m a blogger for the Cornell website…mind if I snap a picture with you for it?” and he was more than willing to do so. For such a powerful, prominent guy, I was really shocked to see how much he was interested in the students at his alma mater. Here’s the photo:


So, I guess I’ve had a pretty star-studded freshman year! If you remember, I said a while back how I happened to run into Stephen Colbert after the Rally to Restore Sanity.

In other news, I’ve been busy lately with work. Papers and exams keep piling up, and I’m definitely plowing through it all–slowly but surely. Hey, if Keith Olbermann never went to class–and often scheduled classes that met during the same time just because he could–maybe I won’t be over my head after all.

Happy Wednesday, and Cornell Decision Day!

6 thoughts on “Meeting Keith Olbermann!

  1. Patricia Ellyn Powell

    Oh, David! You are fortunate! Who could blame you for being a bit starstruck with Mr. Olbermann. Millions of us admire him, have watched him for years, and follow him religiously. Yet, YOU had the opportunity to actually meet the legend! His pride in Cornell can be seen in the tour he gave via twitter today! He adores that place, and of course, it is people like YOU who make up that place! You are intelligent and a good writer in just your freshman year! I am proud of you! How I wish I could have been entertained by this man’s superb humor! Even if his grades were not stellar, his anecdotal expertise and satirical mastery are! Most guys who could be called GENIUS tend to be very honest about their slight imperfections. Do not let this great orator fool you! He is brilliant, he speaks for millions, and he will be changing the world shortly. Something tells me…that you might be doing the same! Best of days! Thank you. Prof Patti

  2. Patricia Ellyn Powell

    P.S. Keith is an example of a nice guy who does the right thing. He cares about people. I worked at one of his health fairs in New Orleans, where we saw countless people who otherwise would not have had any medical treatment for themselves or their children. He is honest and kind. This is not always seen in today’s world. Though he might seem angry, it is truly his passion for the truth, for wanting the world to be everything it can be! Political party is really unimportant. What we do is not even as important as who we are. Amazing that you get to learn this first hand, first year! Godspeed!

  3. Ron

    Patrica, if you can get her into Cornell that would be great, if not Cornell then make sure she gets into another good school.

    There are not many jobs for people without degrees.

    Sometimes they need a strong push!

  4. Patricia Ellyn Powell

    Will do, buddy! You are so wise in your advice! She is gifted and will go far, I am sure! She recently won regional student of the year in our state. I wish you all the best! What year are you? Hope your summer was super! Not too hot! Hugs!

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