Daily Archives: February 26, 2011

Confessions of a Cornell Freshman (plus reader interactivity!)

Like any other human being, there are a few things I tend to keep to myself. But, heck, ┬ábecause I’m your humble blogger…I figure I might as well spill the beans. Just promise not to judge me too much, okay?

1) I enjoy long walks across the Cornell campus alone. Some people scoff at the mere thought of having to trod from North Campus to Collegetown, or from the Arts Quad to Bartels Hall. Me, I love listening to music and making long treks. It’s really good contemplating time, and sometimes the statues come alive and say interesting things to you:


2. I genuinely enjoy exploring all the nooks and crannies on campus; mainly, the libraries and cafes. As I was telling fellow blogger Patricia yesterday, when I have some spare time between classes I love exploring places on campus I’ve never been before–particularly libraries. I’ve always wanted to see Catherwood Library in the ILR School, for example…so a week ago I decided–for MY OWN AMUSEMENT–to go check it out (let the name calling commence: Catherwood Creep, Olin Oddball, Mad-Mann…just to get the ball rolling). I ran into someone I knew when I was checking out Catherwood, and we had a nice talk, despite the surprised look on their face: something that screamed “YOU’RE NOT IN ILR GET THE HECK OUT OF HERE ASDFKGFJDS!”

3. I’ve never seen Forrest Gump. Yeah, never seen it. I have no excuse, either–It’s been on HBO more times than I can count. I might as well add Inception to this list. And every Godfather movie. But I have seen mrs-doubtfire-robin-williams-dvd-cover-artMrs. Doubtfire–multiple times. Robin Williams sure can play the role of an old woman with pride and dignity.

4. About 15 minutes ago, I bought a hamburger at Nastie’s (Bear Necessities, a North Campus eatery) and brought it back to the dorm. Turns out, I got the wrong sandwich entirely, but it’s blizzarding outside and I didn’t feel like walking back. So, I…might have eaten the one that was given to me. I promise you, if it was any other day, any other time…I would have turned around and delivered the sandwich to its rightful owner. And it’s not like I stole something without paying for it–someone else will be getting my hamburger. But you have to understand, it wasn’t just any sandwich. It was a wonderful looking medley of bacon, cheese, turkey, and ham (sorry Rabbi). A picture is worth a thousand words, so PLEASE understand my dilemma:


So now I beg you, dear reader, to help me ease my moral consciousness. What would YOU have done in this situation?


I’ll post the results, and the funniest “What would Ezra Have Done?” responses sometime soon.

Have a great weekend!