First day of classes!

I just spent the day shopping.

No, not at the Ithaca Mall. Or Wegmans (though I do need milk). Rather, I went course shopping–finding interesting classes to take the next semester at Cornell by sitting in lectures. Don’t get me wrong, I had an inkling of what my schedule was to look like next semester…but you never really know what the class is going to be like from some vague description in the huge Courses of Study book. So, I decided to sit in on a bunch of classes–ranging from Microeconomics to Ancient Egyptian Civilization–with an open mind to see which ones would be worth daddy’s hard-earned money.


Literally...endless opportunities!

The results? I loved them all! Darn you, world renowned faculty who are enthusiastic about what they’re teaching! Why can’t some of you be horrendous, to make my job of picking classes a little easier?

In reality, though, I think that one class I’ll stick with is Alien Empire: The Bizarre Biology of Bugs! As someone who doesn’t really enjoy hard sciences, this seems like a great, interesting class to fulfill a science requirement. The class seemed to fly by, and I didn’t get antsy in class; maybe it’s because the material doesn’t bug me. (Okay, I’ll save any remaining shred of dignity I have and stop with the puns.)


For all you freshmen accepted early decision and are waiting around with nothing much to do but have an obsession with Cornell, one thing I’d recommend doing is taking a peek at whatever course websites are online–just to see what piques your interest. A lot of great professors put their PowerPoints online (like in the Bug class, or my Econ class last semester), and it can be fun to see the kind of stuff you’ll be doing—GASP–later this year!

Oh, and guess what I bought today? An iClicker for my Sociology class! For those not in the loop, an iClicker (see the picture below) is basically a device that you use in large lecture halls to indicate your answer to a multiple choice question, much like the Ask the Audience on Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

packagedAs a technology geek, it’ll definitely be exciting to use and I’m looking forward to it.

Have a great day!

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